Dec 5, 2011

First Job Interview

Yesterday I got my first job interview. I applied for job in that company at Dec 29, 2011. Actually I didn't know whether any vacancy on Zurich. At first, I seen vacancy on Zurich Topas Life, and then I continue browsing until I seen website of Zurich Insurance. On that site I read about careers. There is no information about vacancy in there. It is only written that if  I just sent my CV and application letter to Zurich's Human Resources Division. I thought I won't be called by Zurich because I was very pessimist that my qualification didn't match with criteria from Zurich. But I tried, I sent it.

At Jan 4 at 1 pm, I got missed called from unnamed number. I didn't answer the call because my phone was set to silent mode. I immediately thought that is from an office which called me for an interview. And then I sent text message to that number. There is no text message replied. I checked my email and I got message from tell me that PT Mitra Solusi Kinerja has viewed my complete CV and added me to shortlist candidate. And then I call that number, the computer operator answered my call and said that was PT Mitra Solusi Kinerja. I hang up the phone because I remember my pulse was little bit left. I was very confuse whether I buy pulse to call that company or let it go. Then I decide to buy pulse. After I finish prepared to go to retail shop, I got call from another unnamed number. It was at 3 pm. I was very surprised because it was Zurich company that call me. It was Mr. Afiz who talk to me. He told me to come to Zurich at Dec 4 at 1 pm.

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