Dec 8, 2012

It's time to make plan about future

Hello... good evening guys...
In the morning, I studied at Lia. My teacher, Mrs. Nunik couldn't join the class. There was a substitute teacher, he didn't mention his name. Well, I think he did a great teaching method, because he could make us speak English spontaneously. The lesson was about to hold a meeting and discussion. He divided us into 3 groups, then chose randomly the group leader, gave topics of discussion, then exchanged randomly some member of the group to other group. He asked us to presenting the results of discussion. Three groups presented minutes of meeting and answered some questions.

In the middle of the lesson, he talked about what our purposes are in learning English. He was talking like a motivator. He said that we have to think like western, not like Indonesian. In the next paragraph I'll explain about the western thinking.

Western thinks straight to the point, the main goal. To make the goal becomes a reality, we have to create some plans. Imagine the picture of triangle upside down. The bottom side is the main goal, then divide horizontally the triangle into some parts. The longest part is your short-term plan, the shortest part is your long-term plan to reach your goal.

Hopefully you all understand what I mean. :)

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