Nov 18, 2013

craves "otak-otak"

Hello guys, it's been so long since I wrote the last post in this blog. What makes I write again in this blog? That's because I read this blog ( accidentally about hunting snorkeling tools. In this blog she wrote about any experience in her life. You know, that inspires me! I wanna be like her, write everything in my blog. Also, I'll try to write it in English! Yay! In the past few days, I like listening to the podcast from Real Life English.

Sooo, I'm gonna tell you about what I go through this afternoon. I had plan to buy "otak-otak" in front of WTC building after working hours. When I went back to home, I wanna try a now road behind the building I work in towards the road besides WTC building (of course that's the road before the seller of "otak-otak"). Actually, I don't know which side that I have to choose. Based on my adventurous soul *uhuk*, I chose the right one. I walked straight... and then I saw the intersection. Hmm, I confused at that time. Again, with my adventurous soul *uhuk*, I chose the left one. And I walked straight.... then I saw the WTC building from behind. Oh GOD! I realized that I've been in this road before and I knew where this road is going to end. That's the road beside the 7/11 in casablanca road. Hmm, I think when in the second intersection, I should turn right, but I turned left at that time. You know what, I walked pretty far and I couldn't buy "otak-otak" because I already passed the WTC building through the back road... Hmm... :(

Note : finally, I bought "otak-otak" in Kampung Melayu bus terminal. :P

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