Nov 29, 2013

How to delete tumblr account

I've just delete my Tumblr account because I'm not interested in Tumlbr anymore. Here I tell you how to do that :
1. On the top of dashboard page, click settings icon. The setting button is icon which look like a gear.

This is what the top part of  dashboard look like.
2. On the bottom of settings page, click "Delete account".

3. Then you have to answer this question. If you really really wanna delete you account, click the red one.

4. In this step, Tumblr wanna make sure if you really wanna do that. You have to write your blog URL, email address and Tumblr password, then click the red one.

5. If you did it, then the TumblrBot comes up!

Bye Tumblr...
*note : click the picture if you think it's too small.

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